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Tesla's Innovational Technologies What's it all about? Before we enter into the details, here is the short story of what Tesla's Innovational Technologies is all about...

The Problem

  1. EMF danger and EMF harm , including 5G danger and cell phone radiation danger generally speaking, have been scientifically verified. Human-created EMFs do cause harm to humans and other life on earth despite what Telcos and other vested interests will tell you.
  2. Human-created EMFs interfere with this spiritual lives, as they create some sort of static of electrosmog, which cuts us faraway from Source or Spirit. Human-created EMFs and spirituality do not mix well.
What can we do about that? Read on...

Addressing EMFs, including 5G The first and immediate purpose of Tesla's Innovational Technologies is to offer EMF protection that mediates and conditions human-created EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), for example...

  • cell phone radiation
  • computer radiation
  • WiFi radiation
  • microwave radiation
  • household electricity
  • high-tension wires
  • radar
  • and more
...making these more harmonious (coherent) to humans and other living things. By making a harmonious environment in the face of the onslaught of chaotic human-created EMFs arising from modern technologies, this enables Nature and our anatomies to do their job better in keeping us healthy and happy.

Assisting our spiritual journey The next, wider intent behind these technologies and products is always to cut through the fog of electrosmog... the static of human-created EMFs... that cuts us faraway from higher influences that are essential for a) our general physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual welfare and b) our likelihood of spiritual development and evolution. Inherent in both these aspects, is our reconnection to Source or Spirit. This way, EMFs and spirituality can not merely live side by side, but one may be used to improve the other. Tesla's products cut through the static of electrosmog and reconnect us with our spiritual origins by virtue of light energy and scalar waves, which are received and transmitted by they from the Sun, the solar system in general, the galaxy, and beyond. In this way, Tesla's Innovational Technologies are assisting humanity, individually and collectively, to evolve beyond its current dark state... helping us to wake up, challenging us to go to to our spiritual lives, and assisting us in our Ascension back towards our origins in Source or Spirit.

What's it all about? The details... "Man's extraction of electricity from nature and its destruction during its use is one of many chief reasons for the shortening of the life span of man."

"The more they choose, the more would be the catastrophe."

~G. I. Gurdjieff (in the initial half the 20th century)

Gurdjieff also indicated that humanity's extraction of electricity from nature and its destruction during its use contributes to "will-lessness" in humans. Simply speaking, it causes humans to become increasingly easily distracted, their attention easily hijacked and held captive. Moreover, EMFs interfere with our capacity to intentionally focus on our inner lives. For instance, human-created EMFs and meditation are not suited to each other without EMF protection to mediate and condition human-created EMF danger. As proof this, one only needs to consider how addicted and distracted people become when they're absorbed within their cellphones, computers, and TVs. It's not merely about the information; it's concerning the technology. EMFs interfere with our personal electrical bodies.

We live in unprecedented times Nothing you've seen prior has humanity extracted and used so much electricity from Nature. Widespread use began with the mass adoption of AC electricity in the early 20th century, invented by Nikola Tesla, and with humanity's mastery of the radio wave spectrum (RF). These and all related technologies, the latest of which are WiFi, Bluetooth, and 5G, all produce fields of electricity (EMFs) in the vicinity where they're used. These fields overlap and combine. People are also electrical in nature and have EM fields in and around them, which, in turn, interact with and answer these other human-created EM fields. These EMFs interfere with many things in us, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Extraction destroys electricity In the act of using electricity, which will be extracted from Nature, this electricity is effectively destroyed (turned into other designs of energy). The web result for people is that people are thus starved of natural, holistic, coherent energy that otherwise we can live healthy lives... physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Therefore, EMF protection is highly advised... technology that will mediate and condition EMFS rendering them more harmonious to humans and other life.

EMF danger There is an overwhelming body of scientific evidence that suggests that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) arising from human extraction and use of electricity can be dangerous to humans and other life on planet Earth. EMF harm is real, not just a tin-foil hat conspiracy. Because this can be a huge subject, we will cover it extensively, showing you all the science, on our main webpage.

Electrohypersensitivity Increasingly, electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is being clinically recognised as a practical impairment, although it is not really a disease as such. Individuals with EHS are adversely affected by human-created EMFs. There are now many scientific and medical studies to verify the existence of EHS. Electrohypersensitivity is defined by the World Health Organization as "a phenomenon where individuals experience adverse health effects whilst in the vicinity of devices emanating electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields.” Symptoms can include headaches, depression, anxiety, muscle pain, insomnia, memory loss, nausea, tremors, fatigue, hyperactivity, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, altered blood pressure and pulse, sinusitis, asthma, skin rash, respiratory diseases, deteriorating vision, pain or burning in the eyes, cataracts, digestive problems, loss in appetite, hair loss, hypoxia, enlarged thyroid, allergies, urinary disorders, dehydration, dryness of mouth, lips, tongue, and eyes, and much more.

The shortening of our lives As G. I. Gurdjieff notes in the very first quote above, among the adverse effects of humanity's extract, destruction, and utilization of electricity and the associated human-created EMFs--one of the samples of EMF harm--is that all of this can dramatically shorten our lives. Being an analogy, if we don't water and feed our plants or if the water is contaminated and the fertiliser with a lack of nutrients, the plants won't live healthy or long lives. This really is simply wise practice and is no different for humans. Our food sources are threefold, as we shall discuss in a later section with this overview: physical food, the "food" of the air, that will be charged by the Sun, and the "food" of higher influences, that can come from the Sun, the solar system in general, the galaxy, and beyond.

Electrosmog cuts us off from Source The preceding is very worrying, of course. Not minimal of the issues is that the chaotic, incoherent, overlapping EMFs developed by humans creates a thick blanket of electrosmog—a kind of static—which distorts and/or cuts us removed from the "food" of higher influences which come from the planets, the Sun, and the galaxy beyond. This manifests in sensitive people as the impression of being cut faraway from Source or Spirit. In short, human-created EMFs and spirituality don't mix, at the very least not without EMF protection using technologies that mediate and condition EMFs rendering them more harmonious to humans and other life. Of note, with regards to EMF harm , EMFs have been proven to adversely affect pineal gland function.1 The pineal gland has been associated with our higher spiritual functions and with your link with Source/Spirit.

No escape Why is it worse is that, with the launching of over 20,000 5G satellites into orbit, encircling the planet in every directions, you will have no escape. We used to be able to escape to Nature to obtain our recharge. Now, not forest, not mountain, not ocean, nowhere will be free from human-created EMF danger and EMF harm.

Weaponised Technology There's more to the, though. 5G technology had been used as a tool, e.g. for crowd control. 5G is completely different from 4G and all the previous generations of wireless technology inasmuch because it is pulsed radiation (EMP). As an analogy, where previous technology is much like a wind blowing over and through us, 5G is more such as a jackhammer assaulting us. 5G danger is exponentially higher than previous generations of cellular phone technology. Imagine the planet encircled by 5G transmitters that can be utilized as weaponised technology to a target any person on the planet. Do you believe that this may never happen? How many times have we been told that, if we accept the implementation of certain measures, legislation, or technologies, that these won't ever be properly used against us? How often has this been proven to be a lie? When you give people total power, it leads to total corruption. Draw your own conclusions, and decide whether that is a thing that you're feeling needs addressing in a proactive way.

Summary of the problem Because of humanity's extraction, manipulation, and use of electricity and various kinds of wireless radiation:

  • We're starved of natural, life-giving energy.
  • We're subject to EMF danger and EMF harm.
  • Electrohypersensitivity is on the rise.
  • Our lives may be shortened.
  • We're cut faraway from Source by the static of electrosmog, as EMFs and spirituality don't mix well without EMF protection , mediation, and conditioning.
  • We're vulnerable to being the victims of weaponised technology.
  • We're increasingly unable to successfully attend to your inner, spiritual lives.
  • We are becoming increasingly easily distracted, our attention easily hijacked and held captive.
  • We're becoming increasingly unable to check on or mediate our negative reactions, making harmonious interpersonal relationships increasingly difficult.
  • And we haven't even started referring to the possible injury to Nature, beginning with bees and birds...
Fortunately, there is ways to address these problems. And, interestingly, the solution to EMF protection arises from the person who inadvertently created the issues, i.e. the inventor of AC electricity, radar, fluorescent lights, wireless transmission, and more, Nikola Tesla. Tesla later realised the potential harm that his inventions could cause. So, he start creating mediating technology that would mitigate the consequences of human-created EMF harm and EMF danger.

Because of Tesla and those that inherited his technology after his death, we are able to access Tesla's devices for EMF protection to help us strengthen our energy bodies and restore peace and harmony to humanity!

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